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What does MonkaEyes mean?

MonkaEyes is yet another derivate of the original Twitch emote; MonkaS.

This Pepe emote is basically just the cropped edition of the original one, depicting nothing else, but the stressed, bulged out eyes of the meme frog.

MonkaEyes, just like MonkaS is used to express stress and anxiety, just in a different phrasing, focusing on the visual organs of the character.

Origin of the emote

Where does MonkaEyes come from?

The eyes of nervous Pepe had been drawn and uploaded to the endless sea of the web in 2011 and this served as the base for MonkaS, which in turn served as a base for the emote in title.

MonkaEyes has been uploaded to the FrankerFaceZ extension of the streaming site by user libertyass about two years after the original MonkaS emote had been added to the vast library of Twitch TV emotes.

Spread of the emote

How did MonkaEyes spread?

MonkaEyes is widely recognizable, which – similarly to MonkaOMEGA and MonkaH – rendered it widely embraced and recognized to give more flavor to the chat section of the streaming site.

As of April, 2020 it has been used in over 14000 sets, a number that is sure to grow, regarding the popularity of Pepe emotes on the chat section of Twitch TV.

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