You Could Make A Religion Out Of This

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What does You Could Make A Religion Out Of This mean?

You could make a religion out of this is a catchphrase used in the popular YouTube video called History of the entire World, I guess, created by Bill Wurtz.

The quote has inspired the creation of various jokes and video-remixes online. It is mostly brought in relation with different internet subcultures.

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What's the origin of You Could Make A Religion Out Of This?

History of the entire World, I guess is a 20-minute-long YouTube video that gives a quick rundown on the entire history of our planet, from the very creation of the universe to our present day history.

Bill Wurtz created the video as a sequel to his previous video, History of Japan, which was also pretty popular. However, History of the entire World emerged as his most popular work over time, generating over 143 million views from its upload in 2017.

During the clip, Bill explains how the 5 prominent religions came to existence, and finishes his train of thought by the catchphrase: “you could make a religion out of this”.

Spread and Usage

How did You Could Make A Religion Out Of This spread?

The catchphrase was featured in various video-remixes at the beginning, mostly appearing in videos that remixed clips from the series Lazy Town.

Later, the trend has reached other subcultures as well. In 2021, user KaungKinYan posted a meme on the board r/memes, that brought the catchphrase in relation with gigachad culture, featuring a white text on a blue blue background that spells the quote.

This text then became the template of memes that work in a similar fashion.

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