You Can Now Play as Luigi

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What does You Can Now Play as Luigi mean?

You can now play as Luigi is a popular meme, taken from a screenshot of Super Mario Galaxy, which, if finished to a 100% lets players play through the game as Luigi.

The meme is often mixed with deaths and endings from other games, as well as videos of people experiencing an accident, similar to the meme “Hey you, you’re finally awake”.

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What's the origin of You Can Now Play as Luigi?

“You can now play as Luigi” originates from the 2007 Nintendo Wii game, Super Mario Galaxy, which has an extra game, Super Luigi Galaxy, which can be unlocked, once the player has maxed out the game.

The meme started circulating on the internet in January, 2019, appearing in YouTube parodies as well as image macros.

Spread and Usage

How did You Can Now Play as Luigi spread?

The meme would spread on to numerous meme-related websites, such as iFunny, as well as 9GAG.

“You can now play as Luigi” would also appear on the meme oriented subreddits as well as Facebook meme pages and groups.

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