You Are Not Immune to Propaganda

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What does You Are Not Immune to Propaganda mean?

You are not immune to propaganda refers to a popular catchphrase from the image macro, depicting Garfield.

It is mostly encountered on Tumblr where users post it when someone is overly enthusiastic about brands, trademarks or political movements, hinting that their mind has been influenced by marketing and advertisements.

You are not immune to propaganda

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What's the origin of You Are Not Immune to Propaganda?

The original image macro was posted on Tumblr by MarkVomit on March 21st, 2018, gaining a lot of popularity.

Within the following months “you are not immune to propaganda” would appear often on Tumblr, eventually spreading on to other social media platforms.

Spread and Usage

How did You Are Not Immune to Propaganda spread?

The meme would first appear on Reddit’s r/LateStageCapitalism sub in June, 2018, while its popularity was rising simultaneously back on Tumblr.

It would be posted in relation to discussions about brands appearing on social media sites like Twitter.

By March, 2019, when the image macro was one year old, it would appear in various contexts, spanning photoshop edits and modifications.

Merchandize with “you are not immune to propaganda” also grew popular online, with booty shorts, shirts, posters and tapestry being the most popular of these products.

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