Well Yes, But Actually No


What does Well Yes, But Actually No mean?

Well Yes, But Actually No is an inaccurate quote from the character Pirate Captain, seen in the short film titled “So You Want to Be a Pirate!”.

The misquote is seen with a screenshot of the scene and is used as an image macro since February 2019.

The truth? Well yes, but actually no


What's the origin of Well Yes, But Actually No?

The whole affair began, when the stop motion animation “The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!” or as it is known in the US “The Pirates! Band of Misfits”.

The motion picture comes with an 18-minute short film, called “So You Want to Be a Pirate”.

In this short film, the renowned Pirate Captain is asked if his beard is luxuriant thanks to shouting, to which his response is “Good guess, but actually no.”

Due to his pronunciation of the sentence, it is understood by many to be “Well yes, but actually no” leading to the creation of the popular meme.

Spread & Usage

How did Well Yes, But Actually No spread?

In February of 2019, the career of the meme began on the /r/HistoryMemes subreddit with the misquote being published as an image macro to historical situations.

It quickly gained ground and had spread to most of the meme related Reddit threads, as well as meme sites and groups all across the web.

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