Tyler The Creator Mugshot


What does Tyler The Creator Mugshot mean?

Tyler, the Creator mugshot is a photoshop meme that is mostly used as an exploitable.

It is also often referred to as an ironic meme in rap and hip hop sub-cultures.

Tyler the Creator’s mugshot


What's the origin of Tyler The Creator Mugshot?

Tyler Gregory Okonma a.k.a. Tyler, the Creator was arrested on March 15th, 2014 for taking part in a riot.

A mugshot was taken afterwards, and the internet naturally caught up the image instantly, creating huge hype around the whole story.

Spread & Usage

How did Tyler The Creator Mugshot spread?

Only one day following the arrest, the original image was posted to /r/ photoshopbattles.

A lot of creative interpretations were submitted. These images eventually gave foundations to a number of other memes.

During the next few years the meme made appearances mostly in /r/ tylerthecreator.

Eventually in 2019 hip hop and rap communities started utilizing the Tyler, the Creator mugshot as an ironic meme template.

The format was also featured in a number of occasions on iFunny and Instagram meme pages.

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