Time For Crab

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What does Time For Crab mean?

Time for crab is the name of a popular anti-meme that features a text frame-cut, believed to have been taken from popular video game Dark Souls.

The meme is used as a comical element, primarily on Reddit, commonly used without any logical context.

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What's the origin of Time For Crab?

The exact origin of the meme is debated. It is unsure whether the text actually appears in any of the Dark Souls games, however, fans of the game series often bring the text in relation to various segments and jokes surrounding the series.

Spread and Usage

How did Time For Crab spread?

The meme has appeared in various formats and on various sites on the internet throughout the years.

One of the first time for crab memes is a video-edit, which was uploaded by Snail Almighty on YouTube in 2017. The video shows the original text screenshot with a voice narration, followed by a cheesy background music with various images and illustrations of crabs.

In the years 2018 and 2019, many photo-edits were created both in various Dark Souls subreddits, such as r/shittydarksouls and r/darksouls3, but the format also made appearances in general meme-sharing boards like r/memes.

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