They Had Us in The First Half

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What does They Had Us in The First Half mean?

They had us in the first half refers to a popular reaction image macro, depicting a high school footballer, giving an interview after his team had made a big comeback in the second half of the game.

Online, the reaction image is paired with long captions, that began innocently and pleasantly but by the end turn into disturbing or repugnant.

They had us in the first half

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What's the origin of They Had Us in The First Half?

The interview, from which the macro originates, features Apollos Hester, a player at East View Patriots.

It was made after the team played against the Vandegrift team, and posted by TWC News Austin on September 21st, 2014.

Spread and Usage

How did They Had Us in The First Half spread?

The interview would quickly become viral, amassing a large number of views on YouTube.

By October, 2014, the scene was turned into a reaction image, appearing in posts on Twitter and Reddit.

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