The Ants 😑 🐜


What does The Ants 😑 🐜 mean?

The Ants 😑 🐜 is a catchphrase used on top of TikTok videos when the TikTok users show how an ant would react or behave in various situations.

The person who makes the TikTok video imitates an ant, putting his or her pointing fingers to their head as horns.

It started out with one video including the text β€œthrow this piece of fruit away, it has ants all over it”, followed by another clip with the person’s fingers positioned on their head and the text β€œThe Ants 😑 πŸœβ€

Because of its silly concept, people started copying the video and making their own versions.



What's the origin of The Ants 😑 🐜?

The first video was uploaded on TikTok by user @erinleexd on the 3rd of September, 2019.

The background music played was β€œJuly 19 Dance Trends mashup” by thedylanmiller, and the first scene is supposed to depict the human throwing away the fruit, followed by the angry react of the ants.

The two emoji’s added to the end, β€œπŸ˜‘ πŸœβ€ is also meant to show the ants’ reaction.

Spread & Usage

How did The Ants 😑 🐜 spread?

Just three days after the release of the video, other versions by other TikTok users started popping up, imitating β€œThe Ants 😑 πŸœβ€ in various situations.

Soon, β€œThe Ants 😑 πŸœβ€ became a popular topic and tag on social platforms such as Twitter.

First, user @amysmvrcury tweeted a post only containing β€œThe Ants 😑 πŸœβ€ repeatedly.

One day later, user @gabillla tweeted β€œeveryone’s always says the ants 😑 🐜 but no one ever asks how r the ants ? ?”

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