Son, I Am Disappoint

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What does Son, I Am Disappoint mean?

Son, I am disappoint refers to a series of exploitable images and comics, whose panels have also been used frequently as a reaction image online.

The comics are comparable to the “what’s all this racket” comic series, with an uncomfortable conversation transpiring between a father and son, ending with the father expressing his disappointment.

Online, the sentence “I am disappoint” is a popular meme in itself, occurring in various contexts.

Son, I am disappoint..

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What's the origin of Son, I Am Disappoint?

The “son, I am disappoint” comics were first posted to 4chan in 2008.

It quickly gained traction, spreading to websites such as etc.

The phrase itself also grew to be a popular meme online.

Spread and Usage

How did Son, I Am Disappoint spread?

Over the years, the exploitable series had seen numerous variations, with alterations on what the son or father does, prior to the punchline “son, I am disappoint”.

The phrase would later be captioned on images, that looked similarly grim to the original father drawing, such as in the “what’s all this racket” meme.

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