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What does Society If mean?

Society if, also referred to as The World If or How Society Would Look is a popular image macro series, depicting a utopist city, paired with captions “Society if X happened” or “Society if X didn’t exist”.

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What's the origin of Society If?

An early example of the meme was uploaded to Twitter on February 23rd, 2018 by bhrisgreen, depicting a utopia, with the captions “society if bobby shmurda never went to jail”.

Not long after the original post, a similar upload was made by the Instagram page zyrethesavage on March 2nd, with the same caption, paired with a different utopist illustration.

Spread and Usage

How did Society If spread?

The format would become popular mainly on Twitter, appearing in many posts, starting in July, 2018.

“Society if” memes would also appear on Reddit sporadically.

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