So That Was a Lie

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What does So That Was a Lie mean?

So That Was a Lie, or originally So That Was a Fucking Lie is yet another meme / reaction image, with rap artist, Tyler the Creator saying it in an interview.

The reaction is used in the same situations as the meme “Those Bastards Lied to Me” the usage entirely depending on the preference of the meme’s creator.

So that was a a fucking lie.

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What's the origin of So That Was a Lie?

Tyler the Creator and Eric Andre were featured in a video, published by Mass Appeal magazine.

In the video, we may see the two performance artists on a photoshoot for the magazine, as well as spraying their immaculate humor in the microphone.

In one moment, Eric makes a remark, that “We’re in an issue of Mass Appeal” to which Tyler responds, that they are not in the magazine yet, because they’re still on the photoshoot, after that we may hear the iconic line; So That Was a Fuckin Lie.

Spread and Usage

How did So That Was a Lie spread?

The sentence got turned into a meme in 2017, when Twitter user @cakefacedcutie uploaded an edit of the image with the caption “A man: *Breathes* Me:”.

Following this, memes of the shot started surfacing all over the internet, initially on Facebook, then in 2018, it made it to the womb of memes; Reddit.

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