Sir This Is a Wendy’s


What does Sir This Is a Wendy’s mean?

Sir this is a Wendy’s is a variation of the popular Twitter dialogue meme, sir this is an Arby’s.

The format consists of a setup, where a person is ranting madly to someone who finishes the conversation with the phrase “sir this is a Wendy’s”.

Hello, Wendy's.


What's the origin of Sir This Is a Wendy’s?

Twitter user PizzaxSlutx posted the first tweet that contained the meme format, in 2011, with limited reactions and popularity.

In later years, the sir this is an Arby’s format would appear more and more frequently in tweets.

Spread & Usage

How did Sir This Is a Wendy’s spread?

Following 2015, the “sir this is a Wendy’s” edition of the meme format had appeared on Twitter and would later be seen on sites like Facebook, Instagram as well as 9GAG.

It appeared on Reddit threads following 2018 and was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2020.

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