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What does RTX on mean?

RTX on, also referred to as RTX on / RTX off is a subgenre of the older resolution comparison memes, featuring the ray tracing technology, introduced by Nvidia in 2018.

“RTX on” memes usually featured eerily hyper realistic renderings of video game or cartoon characters.

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What's the origin of RTX on?

The technology was unveiled by Nvidia at the 2018 Gamescom conference, using demos of new releases to show an example of the capabilities of RTX.

Numerous videos have been uploaded to the YouTube channel NVIDIA GeForce, where games are depicted with graphics enhanced by ray tracing.

Spread and Usage

How did RTX on spread?

Memes about “RTX on” started to appear on Reddit shortly after the technology was unveiled, in August, 2018.

The meme format became the most frequent on the r/pcmasterrace subreddit, as well as the r/nvidia sub.

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