Orange Man Bad

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What does Orange Man Bad mean?

Orange man bad is a comic expression, used to mock the critics of President Donald Trump.

The phrase is often paired with the NPC Wojak meme and is mostly prevalent on Reddit and 4chan among right-leaning users.

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What's the origin of Orange Man Bad?

“Orange man bad” first appeared on 4chan in 2016, on the /pol/ board.

Spread and Usage

How did Orange Man Bad spread?

In early posts, MS Paint illustrations of tweets and Reddit threads mocking President Trump started showing up on Reddit in 2017.

“Orange man bad” posts were the most prevalent on the subreddits r/coaxedintoasnafu and r/politics.

Following 2018, the meme appeared on posts on 9GAG as well as tweets.

On November 7th, 2018 YouTube user John Ward uploaded a song with the title Orange Man Bad.

The expression was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2020.

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