Oh No, It’s Retarded

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What does Oh No, It’s Retarded mean?

Oh no, it’s retarded refers to an exploitable comic, that is sometimes also called Awww Ain’t You The Cutest Little Thing.

The comic features a stick figure approaching a dog and petting it, only to have the dog make controversial and disturbing statements, to which the stick figure stops and says “Oh no, It’s retarded”.

The comic had been used as a way of mocking and expressing all sorts of opinions.

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What's the origin of Oh No, It’s Retarded?

The first instance of the comic was uploaded to Tumblr in 2014, in which a small dog is telling a young boy that his body is producing at least four cancer cells, with all of them having the potential to turn against his immune system and kill him.

The comic had amassed a large amount of appreciation and received over 17000 notes on Tumblr.

Spread and Usage

How did Oh No, It’s Retarded spread?

By 2015, the comic had made it to Reddit, where users rewrote the message of the dog to controversial topics, to which the boy would always react with “Oh no, it’s retarded”.

The template had spread to various meme related sites, like FunnyJunk and even 4chan.

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