No step on snek


What does No step on snek mean?

“No step on snek” is an abbreviation of the Gadsden Flag and shows a poorly drawn doodle of a snake with the line “No step on Snek” written below it.

In the original flag the phrase instead is “don’t tread on me” and dates back as far as the American Revolution.

no step on snek


What's the origin of No step on snek?

The iconic flag is originating from the War of Independence used by the American Navy during the revolution.

It is still a popular symbol in American culture and is often referenced to this day, allowing it to be adopted by the meme community as well in 2015, when a comic spelling of the word snake as “snek” started to spread across the internet.

Soon after this, variations of the Gadsden flag began surfacing on various sites, such as Reddit, 4chan and Tumbr, with the phrase “No step on snek”.

Spread & Usage

How did No step on snek spread?

The meme had become popular and had spread to several meme sites and social media platforms, where people of incontestable humor posted it in various interpretations.

Several variations have been created, ranging from a minimalistic reimagining of the flag to even merchandize, featuring the catchphrase and a more cartoony illustration of the serpent.

The phrase had become so popular, that compilations of the best visions for it surfaced more and more often on Reddit, with even an image depicting US military personnel holding up the modified Gadsden flag being uploaded.

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  1. I think I wasted my time trying to find the meaning of the phrase here. It doesn’t tell you here.

  2. It means if you step on a snake you will get bit.
    The snake is telling you “don’t fk with me!”

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