Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

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What does Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions mean?

Modern problems require modern solutions is a reaction image, from the Chappelle’s Show.

On the meme, we may see the host, Dave Chappelle saying the line in a suit and tie.

Modern problems require modern solutions.

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What's the origin of Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions?

The phrase was originally used in a skit from Season 2 Episode 1 of the Chappelle’s Show, in which Chappelle is parodying a political campaign ad, and ridiculing the US healthcare system.

The episode first aired on January 21st, 2004.

Spread and Usage

How did Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions spread?

The phrase was turned into a meme in 2018, when imthatguy25 posted a meme to the r/MemeEconomy thread of Reddit.

The reaction image quickly gained traction and turned popular both on, and outside of Reddit.

A lot of meme variations were created, using the template, which spread on to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, just to mention the biggest platforms.

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