Man Door Hand Hook Car Door

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What does Man Door Hand Hook Car Door mean?

Man door hand hook car door refers to a copypasta or trollpasta meme, derived from the popular urban legend, “The Hook”.

The original legend told a story about a couple in their car, hearing about a dangerous escaped convict who has a hook for his right hand.

When the couple hear noises outside the car, they get out to investigate, only to find a hook clawed into the vehicle.

“Man door hand hook car door” is a modern online retelling of the same story, in a humorous manner, with intentional grammatical errors.


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What's the origin of Man Door Hand Hook Car Door?

The original story emerged in the 1950’s and gained popularity among teens and adolescents in after 1959.

It was first publicized in the popular advice column of Dear Abby on November 8th, 1960.

“Man door hand hook car door” first emerged online on June 19th, 2012 in a 4chan thread.

Spread and Usage

How did Man Door Hand Hook Car Door spread?

A reading of the story would be uploaded to YouTube by That Guy With a Voice on February 28th, 2014.

Variations of the meme would emerge on Reddit as well as Tumblr.

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