I’m Gonna Stop You Right There

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What does I’m Gonna Stop You Right There mean?

I’m gonna stop you right there refers to the captions of a popular reaction image macro series, made with a screenshot from Fallout 4.

The image macro depicts a Vault-Tec salesman from the intro of the game holding out his left arm, paired with the phrase “I’m gonna stop you right there”.

I’m gonna stop you right there

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What's the origin of I’m Gonna Stop You Right There?

The meme originates from Fallout 4 which was released on November 10th, 2015.

The intro of the game includes a man, named as Vault-Tec Rep coming to the player and telling them about having gained entry to Vault 111.

“I’m gonna stop you right there” first appeared as a reaction image in June, 2016, when posted by Reddit user thataintkosher on the r/Fallout subreddit.

Spread and Usage

How did I’m Gonna Stop You Right There spread?

The meme started spreading following September, 2016, first appearing in a variety of subreddits, such as r/MemeEconomy and r/PrequelMemes.

Following September, it would emerge on sites such as Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter and Imgur.

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