I Don’t Want To Play With You Anymore

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What does I Don’t Want To Play With You Anymore mean?

I don’t want to play with you anymore refers to a scene from the animation movie Toy Story 2 that shows the boy Andy abandoning his toy Woody because he doesn’t feel the urge anymore to play with him.

A still frame of Andy dropping Woody on the ground has become a subject of various memes, mostly relating to video games that saw a steep decline in popularity within the gaming community.

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What's the origin of I Don’t Want To Play With You Anymore?

Toy Story 2 was released by the studio Pixar in 1999. One of the first scenes of the movie shows a nightmare sequence that the protagonist Woody dreams.

In his nightmare, Woody gets abandoned by his owner Andy, who drops him from his hands after realizing he is getting older and he should not play with a toy cowboy figure anymore.

Spread and Usage

How did I Don’t Want To Play With You Anymore spread?

Initially, the template started to spread as an image macro based on the screen frame where Andy throws away Woody. These early memes began circulating in Spanish meme groups on Facebook.

In 2018, the meme reached the English-speaking meme community of Twitter as well. Eventually, I don’t want to play with you anymore surfaced on Reddit’s r/memes, from which the format spread through Instagram and Tumblr as well.

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