I Don’t Think The System Works

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What does I Don’t Think The System Works mean?

I don’t think the system works is a memorable quote uttered by Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Part II – Attack of The Clones.

Being part of the Prequel meme series, this meme was originally inspired by the movie’s cheesy character dialogues, and is used as a reaction meme on the internet, usually brought in context with bad or rigged systems.

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What's the origin of I Don’t Think The System Works?

Star Wars Part II – Attack of The Clones premiered worldwide in 2002, as the second episode of the Prequels trilogy.

During the movie, we can see Padme and Anakin asitting in the middle of a field, having a conversation about life and politics.

Upon Padme asking him about politicians, Anakin tells his opinion about the galactic republic and his doubts about it, finishing his train of thought by saying “I don’t think the system works”.

Spread and Usage

How did I Don’t Think The System Works spread?

The first image macro memes about I don’t think the system works appeared on Reddit in 2018, precisely on the r/PrequelMemes board.

Later several different variations of the meme began to surface on the forum, and eventually the reaction meme began to circulate in various other communities, such as on Twitter and Tumblr.

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