I Can Be Your Angle or Yuor Devil

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What does I Can Be Your Angle or Yuor Devil mean?

I can be your angle or yuor devil refers to a meme series, with the intentionally misspelled captions, depicting the two opposing natures of a fictional character or a real-life person.

These posts are mostly prevalent on Twitter, Reddit and other sites, where cringe humor is a regular sight.

i can be your angle..or yuor devil

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What's the origin of I Can Be Your Angle or Yuor Devil?

One of the first instances of the meme format emerged on Ironcringe, on July 14th, 2013, when they uploaded a photo of a man’s mirror selfies, with photoshopped wings, paired with the caption “I can be your devil or angle”.

Spread and Usage

How did I Can Be Your Angle or Yuor Devil spread?

“I can be your angle or yuor devil” would emerge frequently on Reddit and Imgur starting in August, 2013.

The format would be a frequent sight on subreddits such as r/cringe or r/cringepics as well as r/funny.

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