Hotel Trivago

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What does Hotel Trivago mean?

Hotel Trivago refers to a meme series, revolving around parodying the ads of the online lodging service company, Trivago.

“Hotel Trivago” is featured in a series of memes, image macros and reaction images, sometimes featuring Tim Williams, also referred to as Trivago guy.

Trivago Dude Caught for DUI…if only he had a way to find a hotel?

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What's the origin of Hotel Trivago?

The commercials that featured the phrase “hotel Trivago” emerged in 2009.

Memes about the company started surfacing after the advertisements, featuring Tim Williams emerged in 2013.

The actor would be parodied in tweets and humorous image macros on various social media sites.

Spread and Usage

How did Hotel Trivago spread?

“Hotel Trivago” started taking off as a meme in itself in early 2017, with one of the earliest examples spawning on Twitter and later spreading on to Reddit.

Screenshots of Trivago ads would also be used for humorous purposes online, on sites like Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

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