Happiness Noise

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What does Happiness Noise mean?

Happiness Noise refers to a descriptive noise image macro from a viral video, featuring a sneezing husky, who takes a sigh of relief between two sneezes.

The shot is taken in this moment of relief and is extended with the text in title, describing his probable inner state.

happiness noise

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What's the origin of Happiness Noise?

The video was uploaded to Vine by joyeahern as well as YouTube in 2015 and had amassed quite a number of views on both platforms.

Two months following the videos, the first image macro was uploaded to the birthplace of memes; Reddit by the account of Brainstain, an entertainment oriented news site.

Spread and Usage

How did Happiness Noise spread?

Following this, memes were uploaded to the /r/meme subreddit by several other users and lots of different variations have been created and published, featuring the dog and his satisfied face.

It had also spread to the /r/dankmemes thread of the site, where it had gotten further popularity.

In 2018, a viral edit of the original video was added to YouTube, where the sneeze following the “happiness noise” is a huge explosion.

The meme’s popularity surged in 2018 and 2019 but now it has receded significantly. Nonetheless, it is still an iconic image macro.

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