Get Out of My Swamp

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What does Get Out of My Swamp mean?

Get out of my swamp refers to a paraphrase, that is almost as popular as Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life, associated with the DreamWorks animation, despite never actually appearing in the motion picture.

The actual quote, that is said by the protagonist, Shrek is “What are you doing in my swamp? All right, get out of here. All of you. Move it. Let’s go.”

One might have a better chance of hearing “Get out of my swamp” if they intend to Drain The Swamp or attempts to scare a Swamp Donkey away.

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What's the origin of Get Out of My Swamp?

Shrek premiered in the United States on April 22nd, 2001, presenting viewers with the story of fairy tale creatures being moved to the swamp of an ogre, who is attempting to get them to leave.

Despite this, Shrek never says the line “Get out of my swamp” in the movie, and the phrase didn’t appear until the 2010’s in posts related to the animation.

Spread and Usage

How did Get Out of My Swamp spread?

Shrek started gaining a cult following in 2013, with the rising popularity of memes such as the Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life video.

“Get out of my swamp” turned into a viral catchphrase, embraced by the Shrek fandom of various sites, like Reddit, 4chan, Facebook or 9GAG.

It frequently appears as the title of posts, as well as the captions of image macros and GIFs.

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