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What does Dat Ass mean?

The term Dat Ass is meme of an image macro series based on a picture of American rapper named Rich Boy, where he can be seen biting his lower lip while he was listening to somebody in the audience where the picture was taken.

The image was later associated with the term Dat Ass and was made into a meme.

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What's the origin of Dat Ass?

The Dat Ass picture was taken at MTV’s total request live in early 2007, where the rapper Rich Boy (Maurice Richards) was co-hosting the show with another rapper called Ne-Yo in New York Time Square.

Initially people deemed that the person in the picture is Kanye West, which was proven otherwise later.

According to the unconfirmed internet legends, the picture started on 4chan’s /b/ random board, where it was posted by somebody and later that day another poster inserted the Dat Ass text on it and its started from there, however, the original post date is unknown.

Spread and Usage

How did Dat Ass spread?

The meme Dat Ass is usually used when someone sees a perfect ass on the internet.

It’s used all around the web in social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to react to images of perfectly shaped butts, posted by fitness chicks or models.

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