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What does Concern mean?

Concern is a snowclone-type meme with traits that convey similarities to reaction images.

These memes usually feature a recognizable character taken out from a given sub-culture, posing with both of their palms held together in front of their mouth, giving the impression of being concerned about something. A text is commonly put atop that reads “concern”.

These are usually fan-arts drawn by enthusiasts of the given sub-genre.

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What's the origin of Concern?

The initial concern image was drawn and submitted by an anonymous artist in a 4chan thread in 2016, featuring the anthropomorphic fox-character from the animated movie Zootopia.

The thread since then has been archived and deleted.

Spread and Usage

How did Concern spread?

The format was brought in connection with many sub-cultures.

In 2017 a post was submitted on Imgur that compiled some of the fan-arts that have concern as their theme.

An art of a darkwraith from the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, having the concern posture, was submitted to Reddit in 2019, in the /r/dndmemes community.

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