Bro! You Just Posted Cringe!

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What does Bro! You Just Posted Cringe! mean?

Bro! You just posted cringe! refers to a popular catchphrase, appearing on a variety of reaction image macros, used for calling out someone if they have uploaded, posted or otherwise shared content that is distasteful – or as they call them online; cringe.

bro you just posted cringe

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What's the origin of Bro! You Just Posted Cringe!?

The first instance of “Bro! You just posted cringe!” comes from a 2018 iFunny image macro, uploaded by FunnyInternetMan on August 23rd.

The reaction image depicted an Annoyed Picard, captioned with the catchphrase.

Spread and Usage

How did Bro! You Just Posted Cringe! spread?

By October, 2018, the reaction image format spread to Twitter, with @_apandah_ introducing it in his tweets.

Approaching the end of the month, “Bro! You just posted cringe!” became a recognized format on Reddit as well.

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