What does Brainlet mean?

Brainlet refers to a popular internet slang, used for implying on someone’s limited intelligence, due to possessing a tiny brain.

It is similar in nature to the Smooth Brain meme, and the phrase is often paired with a Wojak rendition, resembling the Cumbrain illustration.



What's the origin of Brainlet?

“Brainlet” originally referred to the Cerebellum, as well as a smaller component of the brain, however in its pejorative sense, it was first used on 4chan’s /sci/ board on December 1st, 2015.

Memes and mentions about “Brainlet” started sprawling up on 4chan during 2016, with many inquiring on the /sci/ board about its meaning.

Spread & Usage

How did Brainlet spread?

“Brainlet” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on May 11th, 2017, with numerous other entries uploaded to the site since then.

Following this, the meme spread to various other 4chan threads, and by October 2017 it emerged on the r/4chan subreddit as well.

Various illustrations of Wojak were uploaded to the web, spawning a large array of variations, a popular one being the Grayons meme, emerging in late 2017.

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