Ben Affleck Smoking

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What does Ben Affleck Smoking mean?

Ben Affleck smoking refers to an image macro, created from a paparazzo photo, depicting “Ben Affleck smoking” with a visibly disturbed facial expression.

Ben Affleck smoking perfectly resembles how I feel working a 2nd shift job

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What's the origin of Ben Affleck Smoking?

The original photo was published in an issue of The Cut on August 25th, 2016, combined with a typical tabloid paragraph, meddling in the family life of the actor, as well as commenting on his existential dread being reflected on his face, likely due to having paparazzi clicking away at him.

Spread and Usage

How did Ben Affleck Smoking spread?

The same day, Twitter user @disparate posted a compilation of photos, depicting Ben Affleck indulging in his vices, while having an overall miserable appearance, paired with the hashtag #me.

By September, 2016, “Ben Affleck smoking” became the subject of Photoshop contests on the r/photoshopbattles subreddit, as well as turning into a relatable image macro, that seemed to summarize the numbness of the majority of the population in developed nations.

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