A Cat is Fine Too

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What does A Cat is Fine Too mean?

A Cat is Fine Too is the adored catchphrase in the Tsukihime doujin, titled “That’s Why I Assault Ren”.

The phrase is the reaction of a pedophile, when he notices that the cornered loli, he had been chasing had turned into a cat, in an attempt to suppress the sexual arousal of the man.

This had failed, as the pedo just sighs and unbuttons his pants, while saying “A cat is fine too”.

A Cat Is Fine Too

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What's the origin of A Cat is Fine Too?

The hilarious self-published manga had been present on the mind expanding depths of the web since 2006.

It had become and instant hit, due to the hilarity of the story and in the very year of its creation, an Urban Dictionary entry had been added to explain the sentence for the curious minded.

Spread and Usage

How did A Cat is Fine Too spread?

The expression had been turned into a catchphrase on imageboards and forums, like Reddit, 4chan and YTMND, where users are eager to utilize it.

It had also made an impact on fursonas, who even presented a modified version of the phrase, as “A Feline is Acceptable Also.

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