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What does 4K mean?

4K or Caught in 4K refer to a popular slang expression, used to describe people being undeniably caught and recorded, while performing socially unacceptable and illegal deeds.

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What's the origin of 4K?

The line was first featured in a YouTube sketch video, uploaded by RDCworld1 on August 7th, 2019.

The gag features a rapper being confronted by his lawyer for getting caught in “4K” while killing three people.

The video became viral, with millions of views on Twitter and YouTube.

Spread and Usage

How did 4K spread?

The phrases “4K” or caught in 4K became popular a year later, in August, 2020, when posts on Twitter, related to arrests would feature the expression.

It became progressively more prominent on the social media site in November, becoming a viral trend by December, 2020.

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