Me gusta

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What does the meme Me gusta mean?

The phrase, everyone knows from Manu Chao, me gusta means “I like it” in Spanish and is one of the biggest memes of the 2010’s.

It is used to translate the ambivalent feelings of approval and disturbance, though initially it was almost exclusively seen as a reaction to perverse scenarios.

Me Gusta

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Origin of the meme

The phrase has long existed in English, thanks to the Spanish influence in the Americas as well as the musical success of Manu Chao.

It really became part of the language in 2010, though, when Matt Oswald, who is the accredited creator of the face and the expression, uploaded it to Reddit, 4chan, Tumblr and DeviantART.

The meme took off and had spread far and wide on the threads of the web.

Matt shed light to his identity as a creator in 2011, in a Reddit thread.

Spread of the meme

Me gusta face became a grand success and one of the greatest memes, with rage comics, featuring the face swarming the internet.

It also got its different versions, like the no me gusta, used to translate dislike, and me gusta mucho, for the times when something is really tinkling our pleasure center.

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