Martin Luther Coon

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What does Martin Luther Coon mean?

Martin Luther Coon is the pejorative moniker, used by racists to refer to the world famous Black Rights Activist, Martin Luther King Jr.

Though it is known and recognized, it is predominantly used in the Southern, ex-Confederate regions of the United States of America.

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Origin of the term

The term “coon” had been applied to black people and since the early 1800’s, when they likened African Americans to raccoons; lazy, thieving and watermelon loving.

It is unclear, who and when came up with the name modification for the humanitarian, but it had been applied for him during his life, and especially after his murder.

Spread of the term

The moniker never really took off outside of southern states, where racism is still an ongoing issue; a remnant of a dark history.

In racist circles, though, it is still the preferred reference to Martin Luther King Jr, appearing even on the internet, where the thoughts and worldviews of various peoples are accumulated and confronted.

Urban Dictionary had listed the term among their definitions since 2007.

An incident had been also listed by the online dictionary, where ESPN’s Mike Greenberg had uttered the slur in 2010.


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