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What does Mangina mean?

Mangina’s definition varies from person to person, depending on who you ask.

It originally refers to a genus of moth.

The unofficial, though more widespread meaning of the term is that of an either effeminate man, or a man who completely disregards his existence as a male, and devotes himself to the chivalrous defense of women’s rights and their privilege.

Some people tend to use “mangina” in a pejorative way for any and every man associated with feminism.


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Origin of the term

The term is a portmanteau of the words man and vagina, creating an association, that despite being a man, the person is acting like someone with a vagina.

Manginais most likely a word created by the Incel community on the internet, sometime in the late 2000’s.

Spread of the term

In the 2010’s the popularity of the Incel community on the internet rose prominently, with more and more Reddit and 4chan users logging on every year.

This had led to the growing popularity of misogynistic, sexist and derogatory terms, like manginais.

Urban Dictionary has explanations for mangina since 2002, though the ones prior to 2006 all describe the term, as a folded back penis, that looks like a vagina, similar to the one displayed in the movie Shop Stop 2.

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