Lost in the Sauce

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What does Lost in the Sauce mean?

The phrase “Lost in the Sauce” refers to a state, where one is utterly, absolutely and completely clueless, disoriented and has no idea where he or she might be.

It is the perfect expression to describe my position in life; in the midst of it, but totally lost in that sticky sauce, that’s choking me.

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Origin of the term

There are several reports on Reddit, of people often encountering the expression in the army.

It could be a possible origin for the phrase, as fog or cloudy weather is referred to as “soup” by military personnel.

Further going along these lines, we may discover, that a lack of information about enemy operations, as well the areas behind the frontline are both called “Fog of War” a state, where one is in complete ignorance and in a lack of information… similar to the expression in title.

Spread of the term

The expression is now an organic part of the English language and is often encountered, though its primary users are still people in service.

It was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2006, with plenty of other explanations added on it since that day.


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