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What does Libtard mean?

Libtard is a portmanteau of the words liberal and retard, mostly used by conservative users and trolls of the internet, to insult their liberal counterparts in arguments.

The term is often used for social warriors and people who advocate extreme political correctness, though it is mostly dismissed by liberals, who know that a childish insult like that has no place in a proper argument or political discussion.

It has also been seen as offensive for people with mental and/or physical disabilities.

Origin of the term

Where does Libtard come from?

The term is most often used by users from the United States, in arguments concerning US politics, though it is also widely used by conservative English speakers of other nationalities.

It first appeared online in a Usernet group, around 2004 and 2005, among other things to mock the filmmaker Michael Moore.

Quora user Jeff Jenness claimed that he might be the accidental father of the expression, when he was a 19 year old conservative troll online, though this hypothesis is unproven.

Spread of the term

How did Libtard spread?

Libtard was already present on Urban Dictionary as early as 2005, but its true prevalence came after 2014, with the numbers of alt-right and pro-Trump users rising.

The phrase can often be seen on political threads on Reddit and 4chan, though it can also be noticed on sites like Facebook and Twitter where people gladly live with their freedom of speech to insult those with a differing political viewpoint.

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