Let’s get this bread

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What does Let’s get this bread mean?

“Let’s get this bread” is a slang way of saying “let’s get this moneeey”, similarly to the phrase “let’s get this dough”.

On the internet, people say this sarcastically, to mock those with the intent of earning a large amount of cash.

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Origin of the term

It has most probably been in use in the English language for a while, but the first modern day appearance of it happened in 2007, when Rich Boy published the song “Let’s Get This Paper”.

The first Urban Dictionary entry was added in 2018.

Spread of the term

The phrase had started to spread only in 2017, when memes like DJ Khaled riding the Batpod were being uploaded to Twitter, as well as a massive wave of people posing as mascots.

The meme had rapidly spread onto Facebook and Reddit, mostly after the tweet about how LGBT stood for “Let’s get this bread”.


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