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What does Kazoo kid mean?

Kazoo kid refers to the child from the viral video, “You On Kazoo” where he enthusiastically playing his kazoo.

He is considered to be the dankest kid of the internet.

Kazoo Kid (Brett Ambler) Now

Origin of the meme

Where does Kazoo kid come from?

The phenomenon took off, after Jim VanBlaricum uploaded a clip from a 1989 chidren’s show, titled “You On Kazoo”.

In the video we see the iconic child, with his bowl cut, playing his instrument with lots of love and instructing kids to do so as well.

Several phrases are associated with the kid, such as “Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fuun!” or “Woow! The power of make believe!”

Spread of the meme

How did Kazoo kid spread?

In 2014, the fame of the meme was even further increased, when the YouTube channel, Dead VCR uploaded a shorter video, with more scenes from the show edited together.

In 2015, it had finally made it to Reddit, resulting in musical remixes and reposts of the original video circulating on the internet.

Brett Ambler, the once child actor revealed his identity in 2015.

The next year, the popularity of the meme reached its peak, and Brett decided to allow his fans to ask anything  they want to know on Reddit.

Urban Dictionary added an entry on Kazoo Kid in 2016.


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