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What does the emote KAPOW mean?

KAPOW is part of the original Twitch.tv emote collection. The emote is mostly used when a streamer is playing the Battle Royale style game called Fortnite on live broadcast.

It’s has no factual meaning, but viewers usually use it when there are multiple explosions going off on screen at the same time, basically reacting to it.

KAPOW can be used to build up hype for the player as he makes his way to win a match.


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Origin of the emote

The emote KAPOW was created by a member of the Twitch.tv staff, however the original creator is unknown.

KAPOW is part of the original emotes collection that were uploaded to the site in the early days after its change in name from Justin.tv.

However, the original upload date is unknown, it is considered to be around the same time as the original Kappa emote was created in 2011.

An upgraded version was added to the FrankFaceZ browser extension in mid-2018.

Spread of the emote

As of 10/12/2019 according to the website StreamElements, KAPOW is the 83rd on the list of most popular/used emotes on the website Twitch.tv, making it one of the most popular emotes.

Further information/sources

  • Urban Dictionary – KAPOW
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SgtBumbar posted on 11-1-2020:

Isn’t it from an episode in the 5th season of Malcolm in the Middle? The font and colors look the same

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