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What does Jizzle mean?

“Jizzle” is a slang word for sperm which has been created by the black community.

Mostly present in street slang and hip-hop slang where even hip-hop artists are calling themselves as “Jizzle”

They usually rap about how they “jizzle the bitches” and similar, in rap songs.

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Origin of the term

The term “Jizzle” came from the black community, as a cultural slang.

They started a typically racial slang word for it, since they don’t believe it’s racist, because something is only racist when used against them, so the irony is strong with this one, as they use someone’s skin colour to describe them, however if you were to do the same, you best be good at running.

Spread of the term

“Jizzle” is a street slang among the black community and in their hip-hop communities.

The term can usually be found in rap songs and on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even in the porn websites, but is strictly used by the black community.

The community gets easily irritated if a “whitey” uses their much loved and cherished slang.

The term became somewhat popular, when American rapper, called “casino jizzle” got shot outside of the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Cordova, which has led to multiple videos being posted to YouTube and entries added to Twitter to wish him well.

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