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What does Jipped mean?

Jipped is an alternate spelling of the word gypped, both of which has a meaning of getting scammed, swindled or cheated on.

The terms are considered insensitive, as etymologically they are known to refer to the Roma peoples, who were often stereotyped as being dishonest, and thieving.

Mfw I learned that “jipped” is a racial slur today.

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Origin of the term

The term gyp was first recorded to be in use in the 1750’s as a term for getting cheated and swindled, similar to the verbs jew (defraud) or welsh (swindle by defaulting on a debt).

These words all similar in their nature, since all of them are based on the cultural stereotypes, associated with the cultures, they are named after.

Over the centuries, the word gyp got modified in spelling and its origins were forgotten, turning into “jip”.

Spread of the term

Today, people are ignorant of the origins of “jipped” and use it, disregarding the fact that it may be offensive to others.

Thanks to the negative history of the term though, it is mostly unused today, avoided by those who are aware of its origins and almost solely applied by people, who are unaware of where it came from.

The first entry on the subject was uploaded to Urban Dictionary in 2005.

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