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What does ITMFA mean?

ITMFA is an abbreviation standing for “Impeach That Mother Fucker Already” an acronym used almost in every political atmosphere, though especially notable during the Bush and Trump presidency.

An alternate use for the abbreviation – according to Urban Dictionary  – is “Impale That Mother Fucker Already” which is a viable possibility if you want to confuse your enemy with a coded speech with your ally, telling him to fuck that bastard up.

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Origin of the term

The expression was first used in Dan Savage’s Savage Love column in 2006, in relation to President Bush, suggested by a reader, as an alternative to Dan Savage’s often encountered abbreviation “DTMFA” standing for “Dump That Mother Fucker Already”.

Spread of the term

 The abbreviation was added to Urban Dictionary in the year of its creation; 2006. It got back into common use in 2017, with the questionable behavior of President Donald Trump.

In 2018, Dan Savage started to raise money, selling clothing with the widely known initials printed on them. The abbreviation – or the stupid decisions of President Trump – seems to have made an effect on the United States’ politics, since an impeachment process was started out in 2019.


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