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What does the meme Interdasting mean?

Interdasting is a humorously modified version of the word “interesting” used to convey attentiveness to the subject, but also a lack of information about the theme, hence the expression is spelled incorrectly.

The term may often be encountered, paired with a photo of a person with down syndrome, looking into nothing, lamenting.

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Origin of the meme

The first and only notable case of the expression was uploaded as a meme to Know Your Meme in 2012, depicting the aforementioned pondering person.

The meme is about the central character buying batteries, that have not been included.

To this he concludes with the phrase “interdasting.”

Spread of the meme

After the post, several attempts have been made to define the term on Urban Dictionary, but all of the interpretations differ in one way or another, so there is no universal meaning and application to the word.

The first entry was uploaded to the online dictionary site in 2014.

Further information/Sources

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Gondar posted on 12-1-2020:

ok but is there a reason why those letters to replace the original ones ? thanks

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