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What does Hucow mean?

The term “hucow” is made up word, created from the word’s human and cow.

It’s a type of fetish which combines several kinks into one word: lactation, domination, submission and objectification.

The fetish for “hucow” is more popular than anybody would think. It usually represents a woman who enjoys forced lactation, where her breasts are milked by the dominant partner.

The woman is usually pictured as a real cow, which is milked by a farmer in rather odd ways, but usually end up milking the “cow” with one’s mouth, sucking the milk out of the “udders”.

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Origin of the term

The exact origin is unknown for the term “hucow” but based on its style and that it mostly appears in drawings, picturing “loli” like girls, it is safe to say it comes from Japan.

After manga made its way to the western world in the 1990s, people started to catch up mon the trend of watching hentai, which presumably has gone on to create these fetishes, like “hucow”.

Spread of the term

You can mostly find drawings and videos of “hucow” and similar fetishes posted to the message board website Reddit on dedicated subpages and in the same manner.

Since there is no limit of what can be pictured in hentai, lots of people find it a go-to for certain kinks.


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