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What does Hoty mean?

Hoty is an abbreviation, with several associated meanings to it.

The most common of these are; Hit Of The Year, that may refer to a song, like this year’s Grammy winning Bad Guy, by Billie Eilish.

Hit of the year may also come with the sense of (bong) hit of the year, used when someone is consuming an insane amount of cannabis in one go.

The other, most widely used sense of the abbreviation is Hats Off To You, said in situations when we feel rather impressed by the actions of someone else… I’d say it to Billie Eilish, for tricking the music industry so amazingly well.

Of course, Hoty may refer to a bunch of other things as well, such as Headline Of The Year, House Of The Year, etc.

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Origin of the term

Like most of all the internet abbreviations, this one is also coming from the end of the last millennium, and the beginning of this one, starting its spread on forums and message boards of the early internet.

Spread of the term

The first Urban Dictionary definition of Hoty was added in 2008, with a few others added since then.

Hoty remains one of the lesser known and used internet abbreviations, with the meaning being obscure to many, especially new users of this wondrous web, connecting our species.

Further information/sources

  • Urban Dictionary – HOTY
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