Happy Trail

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What does Happy Trail mean?

The happy trail is the track you take if you want a fun trip to the woods, or, the wood, if you prefer.

It is the narrow stripe of body hair that starts from the belly button area and runs down to your pubic area.

It’s more often seen on men than women due to naturally having more body hair, and is considered very attractive – as long as it is found on an already attractive person.

The “happy trail” radiates sex appeal and masculinity, and it is there to lead your upcoming sexual partner towards the fun stuff.

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Origin of the term

During the majority of the 20th century, “happy trails” was a way to wish someone well when saying your goodbyes.

It wasn’t until the 90’s that “happy trails” took a sexual turn, and in 1992 we find the first online appearance of the term, in a Usenet forum about male body hair.

Spread of the term

There is a big difference between a “happy trail” and a “happy forest”, and the internet knows.

Online, you will find numerous articles on how to trim your happy trail, how to use it for maximum sex appeal, and why the happy trail is the peak of masculinity.

However, during third wave feminist movement, and women re-embracing their body hair, the female “happy trail” is by some perceived to be the last frontier for strong women to embrace.

Instagram influencers and even fashion magazine Vogue has promoted “happy trails” on women during the last couple years.


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