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What does Guap mean?

The term Guap is a slang word for a lot of money or cash, but it’s not like the other slangs like “milli” or “rack” because they specify a number, where Guap means “a lot”, with no specification to its count.

The term is highly popular in black hip-hop and with the black community on social media.

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Origin of the term

The term Guap originates from the black community as a drug dealing slang, from when they started to make drug deals with Spanish speaking drug dealers and used the term for money.

Because the hip-hop culture is very popular with black people, the gang-slang and lifestyle started to spread in their music around the 2004s ,where they used the term as a normal slang for a lot of money.

Spread of the term

Guap is used by the black community on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and in hip-hop slang and music.

The black community use it on a daily basis because it’s a part of their culture in the USA, which leads them to believe that it makes them unique on the internet and in hip-hop music.

Just like any other slang originating from the black community, it is preserved as their own and is used very sparingly by others.

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