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What does the meme Goteem mean?

Goteem is something you say when you have successfully bamboozled someone. It is a variation of the similar slang “got em”, originally “got them”.

The term shows satisfaction after a successful trick on your homies, for example if you trick-called someone and convinced them that you are the police, to the point where they were freaking out.

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Origin of the meme

In 2015, a 57 seconds long video was uploaded to YouTube by WelvenDaGreat, featuring a black man on the phone, pranking someone. At the end of the call it turns out that the prank was successful, to which the man bursts out in a hilarious laughter while repeatedly yelling “goteem”.

His reaction was so funny and precious that people made and uploaded shorter cuts of the particular scene, followed by image macros of his laugh with the text “GOTEEM”.

This was the beginning of the “goteem” meme, used as a reaction to successful pranks.

Spread of the meme

Besides the “goteem” meme, it also turned into an online challenge, involving the age old prank where you position your hand in such a way that your thumb and index finger form a circle, often close to your crotch, and if someone looks at it you are allowed to punch them.

The prank is called “The circle game”, and after a successful glance, the best thing you can do is yell “goteem” and punch them.

There is a separate subreddit dedicated to this prank named r/goteem.

October 2019, redditor u/miami_yeet uploaded a meme featuring a scene from “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, where Spiderman is handed a box and told “Stark left these for you”. In the next window, the box is open, and in it lies a hand with its fingers in the “A-Okay” position. The meme is titled “Goteem”, and got 350 likes.


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